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The Truth about the Rashtriya Shantiniketan Escorts Call Girls. Swayamsevak Sangh ( R.S.S. )A few months Shantiniketan Escorts Call Girls back a friend of mine wanted to join the B.J.P. and consulted me. I advised him against joining any political party as in my opinion none of them have genuine love for India or its people, and are only interested in power and pelf.A few days later he again met me and said he had made some enquiries and came to know that the persons who rose high in the B.J.P. government or organization were those who had many years background as a member of the R.S.S. Also, the ‘gharwapasi’, and speeches of BJP MPs like Mahant Adityanath, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti , etc ( e.g. calling Muslims ‘haramzadas’ i,e.

I know that East Bengal Hindus agree with me that by antecedents, character and intellectual attainments Barari is not qualified to sexy girls hold the position of a Minister as envisaged in the Delhi Agreement. A number of Hindus who returned to native village immediately after the Delhi Agreement were not given possession of their homes and lands which were occupied in the meantime by the Muslims. This could only be prevented by creating hatred between Hindus and Muslims of East Bengal.

(a) Hindus of East Bengali origin who were in West Bengal or elsewhere in the Indian Union on 15th August 1947, and never went back to Eastern Bengal. To summarise, it may well be said that the Hindu genocide and exodus from erstwhile East Pakistan and Bangladesh has been sought to be wished away by Bangladeshi Muslims and secular Hindus of India. The studied indifference of the Government of India to the plight of the East Bengali Shantiniketan Escorts Call Girls Hindus was another factor that had emboldened the marauders of East Bengal.

Both the Government of India and the Hindus of West Bengal were supremely indifferent to what was happening to their co-religionists in East Bengal. The Hindu-hatred of the East Bengali Muslims had reached such a pitch that most Hindus considered it better to leave instead of putting up a fight. The value system, it must be said, was a subtle device which worked in the minds of West Bengali Hindus to absolve the East Bengali Muslims of all guilt for the persecution of Hindus there.

After Ayodhya Pakistan, with the help of some Shantiniketan Escorts Call Girls Indian Muslims, planted bombs in the heart of Mumbai and killed a thousand innocent human beings, most of them, once more, Hindus. Of these the third is particularly relevant in the case of the exodus of Hindus from East Bengal, and is typified in the argument, mentioned earlier, that ‘Many Muslims saved Hindu lives too’. The ‘equal brutality on both sides’ equates this sentiment and conduct on the part of the Hindus with mass-scale rape, torching, murder and expulsion practised by the Muslims upon the Hindus, and also magnifies beyond all proportion the rioting against and the expulsion of Muslims from West Bengal that took place in March 1950.

Finally, as late as in August 2000, this author found A.J.Kamra’s book The Prolonged Partition and its Pogroms : Testimonies on Violence against Hindus in East Bengal 1946-64”, published in 2000 by Voice of India, New Delhi. Bengalis, with all their faults, are not the type to keep quiet when they find the weak being persecuted by the strong somewhere, no matter in which part of the globe it is. Thus there have been public outcries, meetings, processions, even bandhs iii at Calcutta to protest against American bombing of Vietnam, imprisonment of Nelson Mandela by the South African white government, American embargo of Cuba, British and French bombing of Egypt during the Suez crisis of 1956, the death of Che Guevara in Bolivia, Israeli shooting of Palestinians, unrest in Nicaragua, and so on. Yet, very strangely, in the case of the killing of minority Bengali Hindus in East Pakistan, their very own people, the majority Bengali Hindus of West Bengal, have never even organised a street-corner meeting or given a call for a 15-minute bandh. In any human society, people who had suffered the way the East Bengali Hindus did at the hands of the Muslim majority in that country would have showed their indignation in some tangible way.

She mentions that the army used to nab people at random, Shantiniketan Escorts Call Girls Hindus invariably and Muslims sometimes, and try various tricks on them like kicking them with boots on, bayoneting, breaking their backbones (literally), gouging out their eyes and so on. In the end they sometimes spared the Muslims their lives, but never the Hindus. Taslima Nasrin’s great work Lojja (Shame), described in the next chapter in detail, mentions a gory distinction between the Pakistani Army’s treatment of Bengali Hindus and Muslims. However, Shrinandan Vyas 18 has estimated that among the refugees who fled to India following Pakistani persecution in 1971, as well as among the total number of people killed, roughly 80% were Hindus, 15% Muslims, and 5% Christians and Buddhists.

Kennedy further mentions that Government of India had set up separate refugee camps for Hindus and Muslims where possible, i.e. refugee camps of Hindus were located in Hindu majority areas and similarly Muslim camps were located in Muslim majority areas. An Indian Press Correspondent, Chand Joshi of ‘The Hindusthan Times’, New Delhi 10 , narrated the bitter record of the Pakistani Army’s barbarities in Bangladesh as follows: After the proclamation of Martial Law, a Muslim Mukhtar of Sylhet complained to the Martial Law Authorities that Gupta was an Indian agent, and the Sylhet Electricity Supply Company was charging arbitrary rates for power, thus robbing the public, while at the same time cheating the government of taxes.

Sardar Patel would have been the Congress President, Shantiniketan Escorts Call Girls perhaps there would have been no partition, or even if there was perhaps he would have become the Prime Minister of divided India, and the fate of the Hindus of Eastern Bengal would have been quite different. This was in the fact that the Hindus of East Bengal had to leave, but the Muslims in West Bengal stayed put.