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Divorce happens every day,people hurt others,children are brought up in one parent family’s due to other parent abandoning any parental responsibility. I understand people have the opinion that Betty has served her time and she should now be free,but to say that Linda or Linda and Dan deserved to die is horrible. I wish a movie would come out that doesn’t show Betty as an ogre but a true movie showing her & Dan’s early life and how her 50’s morality of marriage, family and shaped her life and more about Dan and of course, some of Linda.

A woman will love fully and devoted her life to you, will bear South Extension Escorts Girls your children, but don’t do her wrong! I don’t condone what Betty Broderick did; however, people should understand there are consequences for what you do. For Dan to be married to Betty for all those years, allow her to support him, and then kick her to the curb was wrong. I think it’s time to let the lady out she’s been through enough and of course I don’t condone anyone being killed by no means but after all that was her life her family the way he treated her and as well as that woman that took a Husband from her she went through a mental breakdown and no one can understand how she feel or felt until they go through it themselves is time to let her go.

Betty worked many jobs, had his four children, was the primary family supporter while Dan was continuing with his college, medical school, and law school. She loved Dan and the kids and may have accepted an end to the marriage with timeā€¦he had his life planned, he could have helped her come to terms. The bottom line is if your marriage is strong your spouse will never your dealing with the a high stress job coming home should be your safe your going home to a person who continuously bitches and demands more and more.According to Betty she got pregnant nine times but states the sexual relationship with Dan was horrible?

First living with their aunt, Dan’s brother’s ex-wife, and then splitting up with one of the girls moving to La Jolla with family friends, and Rhett ended up living the the south. The day Dan married Linda had to have been the worst day in Betty’s life. If Dan South Extension Escorts Girls Broderick were not in her life, Betty had no interest in her children.

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